Green Energy Panels


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Intertek Listing Constructional
Data Report (COR)

Report Number: 3173688DAL-002
Original Issued: May 14, 2009
Revised: None
Standard (s): Standards for Capacitors, ANSI/UL 810, 5th Ed. 05/04/95 Revised 10/30/08 and Capacitors for Power Factor Correction CSA C22.2 No. 190-M1985

Product Description

Product: Power Factor Correction Device
Brand Name: Green Energy Panels
Description: Product covered is a highly sophisticated computerized bandpass filter that “cleans up” AC power by significantly limiting current harmonics using Copyrighted Software. Units are permanently connected and are suitable for outdoor use.

Models: C2083P, 14803P and R2401P

Model Similarity: Designed for specific electrical ratings.


Model Voltage Current Frequency
C2083P 120/208 or 120/240, 3ø 15.3A 60
R2401P 120/240, 1ø 14.6 A 60
14803P 277/480, 3ø 36.6 A 60

The Units described and listed are Certified for sale and use in the United States and Canada. This information, along with all technical drawings, photographs, text and software are protected under the United States and International Copyright Laws.

Report Number: 3173688DAL-001
Original Issued: May 14, 2009
Revised: None
Standard (s): Standard for Safety for Surge Protective Devices, AN/UL 1449, 3rd Ed., 09/29/06 and Electromagnetic Interference Filters CSA C22.2 No. 8-M1986 with T.I.L. 516.

Product Description

Product: Surge Protection Device
Brand Name: Green Energy Panel
Description: This Surge Protection Device has been investigated as it refers to electrical, fire, and shock hazards. In addition, they have been tested to verify that transient voltage surges are limited to the maximum amplitudes specified by the manufacturer when subjected to a 1.2 by 50 microsecond, 6 kV and 8.0 by 20 microsecond, 10 kV and 20kV surge. Units are permanently sealed.

Models: C2083P, 14803P and R2401P
Model Similarity: The C2083P model is identical to the model R2401P model with the exception of the capacitor and enclosure.

Model Voltage Frequency
C2083P 120/208 Wye 60
R2401P 120/240, 1ø 60
14803P 277/480,Wye 60

Other Ratings: N/ A

kVAR Rating

Model # I480 3P
(2) Capacitors each:     600V 25 kVAR 61.5 uF

Model # C208 3P
(1) Capacitor each:      240V 7.5 kVAR 115 uF

Model # R240 1P
(1) Capacitor each:     230V  3 kVAR  150 uF


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