Green Energy Panels


Leader in Power Factor Correction Nationwide


What are Green Energy Panels?

The Green Energy Panel is a Power Factor correction device that will also balance the Harmonics.

Why do I need the Green Energy Panels?

The Green Energy Panel will reduce your kWh usage thus reducing your carbon footprint. It will reduce your Power Factor and Demand penalties. The Panel will also reduce your maintenance expense.

How much can I anticipate saving?

The Panels are averaging in excess of 15% on kWh savings and will greatly reduce or eliminate Power factor penalties. In most cases the Demand penalties have been reduced in excess of 25%.

When can I anticipate the return on my investment?

Our customers have been averaging between 12-18 months.

How can I determine what size and location to install the panels?

A survey of your facility will need be conducted by one of our technicians.

What is the cost of installation and who pays for it?

The installation expense is determined at the time the survey is conducted. The installations expense has been averaging between $500- $750. However, in some cases can be more expense based on the electrical breaker expense. The installation expense is the responsibility of the buyer.

If I do not want to use my capital is there financing available?

Yes there is financing available and we also have a lease program.

How do I schedule one of your technicians to do my survey?

You can call one of our Distributors near you or you can contact us.
CLICK HERE for the list of Distributors available.